Robert F Bernstock’s Experience Across Industries

Throughout his lengthy career as a business leader and consultant, Robert F Bernstock has worked among a variety of very different industries. And yet, he has frequently held similar positions within those varied companies. Rather than having a specific niche for his business expertise, Bernstock has accumulated experience specifically as a leader, an executive and a member of the board of directors. He’s become known for his skills as a top-level employee; skills that include negotiation, change management, strategic planning, team building and organizational development. Bernstock is sought not for his knowledge in one specific industry, but the way in which he is malleable to any industry yet consistent, reliable and experienced as a leader and executive.

Bob Bernstock’s leadership expertise has helped him become the chief executive officer, president, executive vice president and board of directors member for three Fortune 1000 companies. He’s also acted as president for the largest federal government agency in the United States. He’s been a member among the boards of public and private businesses. In more recent years, Bernstock has been a long-term consultant for Central Garden and Pet Company, president and chief executive officer of Medical Services Associations, LLC, and chairman and chief executive officer for USCI Company.