Robert F Bernstock’s 20-plus-year career

For more than two decades, Robert F Bernstock has dedicated himself to helping other companies succeed. And, in this, he’s found success for himself.

Bernstock’s most recent role was as acting president and chief executive officer for Medical Services Associates, LLC. Prior to this role, he acted similarly in interim leadership roles at the executive level, provided consultant work to growing brands, worked closely with multiple Fortune 1000 companies and offered his expertise to several Boards of Directors. He’s provided his insights across marketing and business to both public and private companies. He’s held long-term consulting agreements with brands such as Central Garden and Pet Company. He’s become renowned for his negotiation skills as well as his strategic planning and team building.

Although he hasn’t remained in one role for the extent of his career, Bob Bernstock has provided an immensely helpful hand to many businesses whose success can be attributed, in part, to this knowledgeable leader.