Robert Bernstock receives skill endorsements

Business professional Robert Bernstock has worked across many leadership roles and consulting in the last decade. His business career spans many years before that. In fact, from 1992 to 2016, Bernstock earned and received accolades and endorsements for his skills. He was recognized during that time for his strategic planning, team building, leadership and change management. Bernstock was also noted as skilled in organizational development with an acumen for innovation. These skills have strongly influenced others who chose to add Bernstock to their various leadership boards.

These skills have continued to aid Bob Bernstock as he serves as president and/or CEO of brands plus in many Board of Director roles. His extensive experience working with diverse boards as well as his successful oversight of management led to more and more roles with public and private company boards, including three Fortune 1000 companies. Bernstock’s skillset precedes him as he continues to provide advice, leadership and business knowledge to public and private director boards.